The elusive vitiligo cure

The elusive vitiligo cure

To set things straight: there is no cure for vitiligo. The good news is there are some effective therapies available. In vitiligo, a treatment is not universally applicable: what works for someone may yield little or no results for someone else. There are cases in which individuals have achieved full repigmentation so we might be tempted to say they are cured. False ! Reoccurrence of spots is frequent in vitiligo patients.

At present the "vitiligo cure" that performs wonders in less than a week is nothing more than a philosopher's stone. Generally a vitiligo treatment lasts months, years and its outcome is hard to predict.

The earlier you begin treatment, the higher the chances to regain pigment. Melanocites reside in hair follicles and can be encouraged to multiply and cover the white spots. Once the hair in the vitiligo zone looses pigment the slimmer the chances you will get cured.

Don't get fooled into buying internet wonder products that promise 100% success rates and a quick vitiligo cure. You will do nothing else than spend your money away. The right approach is establishing a treatment with your dermatologist and following it thoroughly.

Vitiligo is a lifelong condition so you will have to learn to live with it. News from scientists and research groups are encouraging, some are even promising a vitiligo cure within 10 years.

Doctors who promise to cure vitiligo are a scam. Make sure your derm is licensed and has dealt with other vitiligo cases before.