Use of Ginko Biloba in Vitiligo

Due to it's antioxidant function, Ginko Biloba's efficiency in controlling the activity and spread of vitiligo as well as it's usefulness in inducing repigmentation was put to the test by a team of researchers from India.

A study published in BMC dermatology shows that 80 percent of the patients treated with 40mg Ginko Biloba three times per day for six months experienced a cessation in the disease progression; 40 percent experienced some degree of repigmentation as compared to only 8 percent in the placebo group.


Black pepper may yeild a revolutionary vitiligo treatment

One of the promising vitiligo treatments relies on piperine, the main compound in black pepper to stimulate pigment cells (melanocytes) reproduce faster thus repigmenting the white patches.

At present, piperine research focuses more on mice than on humans but nevertheless news that scientists are getting involved into the vitiligo cause, can only lead to positive results for us, the patients.